Children’s First Day

Each child’s experience of starting Day Care is different and while some children eagerly join right in, other children need a longer time to adjust. It is natural for both parents and their children to have difficulty parting from each other, particularly when they have not previously been parted for any length of time. Here are a few suggestions that could help make settling in your child easier:

  • Be positive about starting. If you are apprehensive about leaving your child, they will be apprehensive too. (Children tend to pick up on parent’s feelings and often magnify them.)
  • Let your child bring in something comforting from home such as a favourite stuffed animal or a security blanket OR give your child an object that belongs to you such as a scarf, an old wallet, or an extra set of house keys (of no value). This often works well as the child feels reassured that you would return to collect it.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes time to settle your child. Either rushing in and out or lingering too long can add to the anxiety.
  • Establish a routine for dropping off your child. Children usually like some time to put away bags etc first THEN like you to settle them into an activity OR say goodbye to you from the gate OR give a special goodbye signal such as blowing a kiss. Try them out along with any other ideas you may have to see what works best. When you find something that works stick to it.
  • Always say goodbye to your child. Children feel insecure and become clingy if they think you may suddenly ‘disappear’.
  • Allow our staff to guide you. Staff saying “Give Dad a kiss and a cuddle” or “It’s time for Mum to go to work now” are giving you cues that now is probably a good time to go.
  • Other ways to help your child to settle into care for them is to bring in a photo of their family. This can be discussed and shown at group time.


  • 1 child’s bag
  • 2 pairs of underpants (more if toilet training)
  • 1 spare set of both summer and winter clothing (more if toilet training)
  • 5 nappies/pull ups (if child uses any of these)
  • 1 cuddly toy or other comforting item for rest time (optional)

BECEC’s Sun Protection Guidelines requires parents/carers to dress children in clothing that gives children protection from the sun. A loose fitting cotton T-shirt which covers the shoulders and the back of the neck is preferred. Closed shoes/sandals are preferred, no thongs please. Parents/carers are also requested to apply SPF30+ broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen to their children before they arrive at the Centre each morning.

becec | Sep 18 2018